How do you get a Website listed on search engines?

Jul 14, 2010

When you first create a website search engines don;t know its there so you need to make them aware of it. Doing nothing they may find it as they trawl the web and pick up links to it from other sites. The best thing to do therefore is to actually submit the site to search engines.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the obvious places to start and sites can be submitted at the following links. (requires yahoo username)

Submitting the main page should suffice but you could also submit the rss feed url of your site too.

The next thing to do would be to create a sitemap for your site, when the webcrawler for the search engine visits your site the sitemap will give it a list of all the pages it should index. If you are using a blog, CMS or forum platform you should be able to find a plug-in to automatically create one.  For instance this add-on will create a sitemap file and submit new versions automatically for wordpress.

The yahoo siteexplorer also allows you to register an RSS feed and you can use google or Bing webmaster tools to submit sitemap or rss feed urls.

Google and bing webmaster tools will also give information on how they are indexing your site.

After doing this it is just a case of waiting for the site to be added.


You may also wish to look into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get the best from websites.

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